Being a product Amaron, Quanta carries the same reputation. This is a world class battery technology manufactured and supplied by Amara Raja. This product is tested by premier VRLA manufacturing facility and delivered with 100% authenticity. 

Amaron Quanta is known to be market leader as it is a major supplier of 12V VRLA SMF Quanta battery by most of the reputed Indian UPS manufacturers. Quanta battery for UPS and Quanta battery for online UPS has become the preferred choice customers in various business  segments like Banks, IT Companies, BPOs, Industries, Government Departments, Hospitals, and Educational Institutions etc. Being a major business hub, the demand for Quanta battery in Gurgaon and Quanta battery for UPS in Gurgaon has been increasing by each day. Users of Quanta battery for online UPS in Gurgaon consider its backup capacity before making a purchase and Quanta batteries never fail them on the durability ground.